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The DVD (attention! It's a DVD not a CD. The course doesn't fit on a CD. (In case your computer can't read DVDs please contact us) contains the complete program of

  • one of the most exhaustive grammars of German
  • a detailed analysis of all the specific difficulties of the German language
  • more than 6000 voice examples
  • ten songs of traditional German folk music
  • lots of multimedia elements, videos etc.
  • it works with every browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera) and every operating system (Windows, linux, mac).
    Just try: If it works online it works offline as well.
Note: The DVD starts running from your DVD drive once the DVD inserted, but due to the size of the course it works more smoothly if you copy the course to your hard disc in the folder the_name_I_want. Then double-click on index.htm to start the course.

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EN-DE, The german course as a zip file for download + the pdf

EN-DE, The german course as a zip file for download + the pdf

15,00 EUR

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